The Last Of Us Part 2 Has No Plan For DLC Now

The Last of Us Part Two has been out for over a week, and Amidst the favourable critical reception and heated discourse surrounding the sport, we have also heard how well the match’s been promoting in different parts of the planet.

However, do Sony and Naughty Dog have some plans to include information to the match? The first game got a sizeable and unforgettable DLC using Left Behind, so can fans expect something like The Last of Us Part two too?

When asked about potential DLC strategies for the newly released game, inventive manager Neil Druckmann stated Naughty Dog had no such programs.

Druckmann was also asked regarding the Factions multiplayer, which Naughty Dog cut from The Last Us Part two. However, Druckmann was reluctant to say anything regarding it. This past year, Naughty Dog did state that Factions would finally return– exactly what kind that takes remains to be seen.

Component two just only came out, but a lot of fans are wondering. Druckmann himself is not too convinced about that yet.

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