Telling Lies Creator Has A New Weird Game Called Project Ambrosio

Notification Banners and Her Story founder Sam Barlow is working on a brand new game named Project Ambrosio, and as you’d expect, it seems mighty weird.

The recently minted Steam site For Project Ambrosio is coated with particulars that were mysterious. The item description, for example, reads”brand new Sam Barlow Half Mermaid is theatre departure,” with a lot of blanks chucked in. And until we get hung up on the notion of a half-mermaid protagonist, notice that Half Mermaid is truly the game’s writer and co-developer.

There Are also four mysterious timeline entries in its own”About this game” section. The term Gothic seems under 1968; NYC beneath 1971; pop superstar under 1999; and”Barlow custodian concordance” beneath 2022. I guess we will see these entries filled out in the weeks beforehand.

Project Ambrosio includes three brief, intentionally corrupt, teaser-type movies on Steam: just showing a snake crawling over a stone, another revealing a burning box and yet another of a person’s legs kicking from water that is dark-lit. There are five nevertheless images, which appear to feature the woman. That, although they remind me of crime scene evidence logs.

As much as I want to consider that Project Ambrosio is a Match about Barlow himself getting a mermaid at a crime drama spanning we can not come to some conclusions at this point. Barlow’s matches don’t make any sense up till you play with they, so we will not get far with breadcrumbs that are mere. It’s exciting to find another Barlow match.

Obviously, Project Ambrosio does not have a release date. From its Steam We could confirm it will be out before the year 3000.

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