Former Rockstar Producer Details Why GTA 6 Was Not At PS5 Event

From the build-up into the PlayStation 5 Show event, Many fans expected that Rockstar and Sony would declare Grand Theft Auto 6.

You would have been forgiven that it was GTA 6 After the show opened using all the Rockstar logo. It was a statement that GTA 5 will probably release onto the PlayStation 5.

Unsurprisingly GTA fans were left disappointed. It will not be for a little while, while it’s no secret day we’ll see GTA 6.

Last week, former Rockstar Games manufacturer Darion Lowenstein chose to TikTok to talk about his ideas on the matter because many folks asked him GTA 6 wasn’t declared.

He Stated that it is quite challenging to create games for consoles since technology is continually changing. Also, he added that it is faster and simpler to jack GTA 5 than it’s making a game.

“Frankly, from a growth perspective, you will find a few Of good factors. I have made a lot of games for consoles that are new; it is tough. Tech is continually changing, and it is quite tough to generate a AAA game at the start,” he explained.

According to Lowenstein, the reason is the fact that it isn’t prepared. It made sense to GTA 5 to him Rockstar till they create the game for a launch of GTA 5 along with Xbox collection X will offer Rockstar.

“As I stated before, the continuously upgrading a preexisting game, Which makes it more pretty, is more affordable, way more comfortable. GTA 5 will offer a great deal of income, and if I had to guess, GTA 6 isn’t prepared, and an experience everybody knows and enjoys, in just a year of their PS5.

He added that it is normal for Programmers not to begin working before a year. They’re released. If accurate, it would appear to confirm rumors which GTA 6 is still early in its creation.

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