Cafe Enchante Announced For Fall 2020

On Tuesday, through the New Game+ Expo, many fantastic games have been shown for the first time. Among those games that came out from the bunch is Cafe Enchante, a play about one using regulars such as a demon king, an angel, a girl who inherits a cafe, and other clients.

Cafe Enchante is a visual book with vibrant anime-style art. The narrative Cafe Enchante will bring the participant, taking on the function of Kotone, into contact with different characters. Will Kotone need to manage these beings, but the authorities organization was monitoring them.

There seem to be Five guys in total. An “adulterous” tribe of demons and a”loving” angel are just two. A third is a”gentle” knight at a magic suit of armor, eliminating its helmet/head. Fourth is a”softie” demon monster. Ultimately, there is an “older” unique agent. Shenanigans have been in the shop.

There is one final fascinating detail concerning Cafe Enchante worth noting. That is that Cafe Enchante Will be exclusive to its Nintendo Switch, At least based on the statement from Aksys Games.

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