Fallout 4: MacCready Likes and Dislikes

Fallout 4: MacCready Likes and Dislikes

Fallout 4: MacCready Likes and Dislikes

Fallout 4: MacCready Likes and Dislikes

Robert MacCready, known best by his last name MacCready, initially appeared in Fallout 3. However, being only a youngster, he had been the mayor of Small Lamplight, a settlement functioned exclusively by youngsters under 16. While Small Lamplight’s destiny is unknown, MacCready reappears as a significant personality and possible company in Fallout 4.

The backstory is necessary to discover a company’s likes and dislikes in Fallout 4; MacCready has among the saddest. (Spoilers) After using a boy, Duncan, together with the girl he adored, the sight of Lucy being ripped apart from ghouls haunts him. Now, after determining to clean his act up and become a better dad, MacCready is looking for a remedy for Duncan after he contracted a strange disorder. MacCready deals with his rough background through heavy-handed sarcasm, and lots of Fallout 4 fans theorize MacCready suffers from some depression as a consequence of his struggles and past.

MacCready’s Likes

The simplest way to raise MacCready’s affinity amounts in Fallout 4 is by simply choosing locks. As a gray individual, MacCready is drawn to activities that point to searching out for oneself whilst not being nice or imply other people, perhaps because of his distrust of different men and women. His simplest likes to strike are lockpicking, but MacCready also enjoys if the Sole Survivor is abusive to other people and performs tasks that assist the Minutemen.

Lately, MacCready rolls some personality traits out of Fallout 3, where he’d high charisma checks required to enter Small Lamplight. Back in Fallout 4, MacCready likes when the Sole Survivor moves address checks, but just if that implies lying, threatening, or requesting more cash.

After getting MacCready to maximum affinity in Fallout 4, the Sole Survivor will gain the perk Killshot, giving the player an increased accuracy for headshots V.A.T.S. by 20%. The player can also romance MacCready in Fallout 4.

MacCready’s Dislikes

Possibly an ode to his goal to be a better father as a promise to his son, MacCready dislikes if the Sole Survivor suffers from addiction, which can be a nuisance if the player uses a lot of them in combat. He might be one of the most finicky companions when it comes to dialogue options, as he dislikes when the Sole Survivor chooses nice, mean, or peaceful routes. Since Fallout 3, MacCready enjoys violent solutions. Donating items and murdering will also lower MacCready’s affinity level.

If the player steals from certain locations, such as the Third Rail VIP room, and gets caught or commands MacCready to steal items in Goodneighbor, he will become hostile and leave the player’s company.

Fallout 4: MacCready Likes and Dislikes
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